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"What the game is about" and a Gameplay Guide:

Taking 5 minutes to read all the following, playing El Qubador will be much easier and fun:

The purpose of the game to collect as many Qubaroos (colored tokens) as possible, using a cube with colored sides, before time runs out.

The cube is controlled by horizontal and vertical swipes. This means it can move only vertically and horizontally.

Qubaroos appear randomly one by one, on a 6X8 chess-like board.

To collect a Qubaroo, the cube must "land" on it, with a side that is the same color as that Qubaroo.
At the start of any game (at any level) the cube has the 3 basic colors on it's sides. So there are 2 blue, 2 red and 2 yellow sides (6 cube sides in total).

At the beginning of the game, the player is given 30'', wich count down. When the  available time reaches zero, the game is over.

Collecting a Qubaroo, will result in a small time extension. On the other hand, landing on a Qubaroo with a wrong side (eg: landing on a red Qubaroo with a blue side) will result in a small time penalty and may cause a game over if the available time is already very little. In a nutshell, collecting Qubaroos extends the available time little by little and the playing goes on.

Moving on "El Qubador's" checkered board, is much like moving on a street with traffic without looking left or right. Quite a few times the qube will move on a tile at the exact moment that a Qubaroo is spawned on that tile. This will much likely result in a false move (unless the player is so lucky that the spawned Qubaroo is the same color as the qube's side that lands on that tile). After the "hurry up" warning appears, this kind of misfortune might be critical!

Collecting 2 or more Qubaroos at less than 1'' from one another, will charge the Frenzy meter a bit (that's on the top left corner of the game view). Once the Frenzy meter is full, the game goes into Frenzy mode for 10". In this mode, the cube can collect any Qubaroo, regardless of it's color!

At the beginning (1st level) the Qubaroos are sea cucumbers. They only come in the 3 basic colors, blue, red and yellow. This is a relatively easy level: it is much easier landing the cube on a Q with the correct color, since there are 2 sides with each of the needed colors, because they are only 3 (the basic colors).

As the game progresses, 3 other colors are added to the variations that the Qs can have: green, orange and violet. Since at the beginning of each game, the cube has only the 3 basic colors, in order to collect the non-basic-colored-Qs, some of the cube's sides will have to be painted green, orange and violet.

The painting of the cube's sides, occurs with the use of special tokens, the paint-squids! These come in all the  6 colors: blue, red, yello, green, orange and violet. Touching a squid with any cube's side, results in that side changing color to the one the squid had. The use of these squids makes it possible for the 3 other colors to be collected.

Later on in the game, the player will have to change the cube's colors in a more sophisticated way: by MIXING COLORS! Anyone familiar with the basics of color theory, knows that:
mixing yellow with red gives orange
mixing blue with yellow gives green 
mixing red with blue gives violet
Here's a helpful image that tells us the same things without words:

Based on this, the player will have to use some other special tokens that appear, the mix-octopuses (or octopi as some may prefer). The mix-octopuses come in the 3 basic colors: blue, red and yellow. They work ONLY when collected by sides that have one of the BASIC COLORS! This is very important to understand. The player has to use the basic colors of their cube and mix it with the (basic) color of the mix-octopus, in order to produce a cube's side with a non-basic color, as described a few lines above with how the basic colors mix and produce non-basic colors.

The best thing that the player can do (at any level except from the 1st which doesn't have non-basic colors but only red, blue and yellow) is to make the 3-color-cube (that they get at the beginning of each game) into a 6-color-cube as soon as possible!

This means: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 orange and 1 violet cube side. After this happens, the paint-squids and the mix-octopuses cease to appear (since no more cube-side-color-changing is needed) and the player is free to collect any Qubaroo that appears, regardless of it's color.

Gradually, other special tokens appear at higher levels, bombs (which are a good thing in this game, so don't hesitate to land on them with the cube), flippers, clocks and rocks:

  • Bombs, that when touched (and this way detonated) will collect all the Qubaroos at the adjacent tiles,
  • Bombers, that will collect all the Qubaroos at a 2-tiles distance from the bomb,
  • Bombests, that will collect all the Qubaroos on the board and destroy any Rocks that are sitting on it too (the Bombest is the best token that one can collect, it clears the board and also gives the player a big time bonus from all the collected -from the explosion- Qubaroos),
  • Flippers, that will gradually increase the cube's speed, in 3 levels, speed+, speed++ and speed+++. Making a wrong move (eg trying to collect a red Qubaroo with a Blue side) will result in instant loss of any speed bonus that is in effect at that moment.
  • Clocks, that will fill the remaining time to it's initial 30" (this is one of the best tokens that one can collect) and
  • Rocks, that just sit there and block the cube's path. They cannot be collected or blown with a Bomb/Bomber. Only the Bombest can make them disappear.
Here's an image that shows the special tokens 
(except from the Rocks, which are not special, they are just errrr...pain in the butt):

So to sum up, in order to be a good Qubador, just bare in mind that:
  • Mix-Octopuses only work with cube's sides that have one of the Basic Colors (blue, red, yellow),
  • You have to have a 6-color-cube ASAP (in all levels except from the 1st that doesn't have non-basic colors) to be able to survive for long. Think ahead: collect Mix-Octopuses and Paint-Squids with sides that have a color that you won't miss. For example, paint a blue side green, only if you already have another blue side.
  • Try to fill the Frenzy meter. Getting into Frenzy mode not only helps you clean a big part of the board but also extends your available time and of course gives you a bigger score!

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